EuroDrag ( inc. Drag Idol ) Season 6 

Drag Idol is Sweden's biggest drag competition who has been going on for years. Drag Idol is known for its diversity in contestants and the famous drag artists who have taken part in it. Miss Infinity is a very well-known Swedish singer, known for her song "Bad Girl" being in the Top 50 in Sweden for longer than two weeks. After Superqueen, Admira ThunderPussy, Imaa Queen ( Winner of Season 5 ) is Sweden's biggest drag queen, known all over the country for her unique style. The competition is now submerging with EuroDrag Contest, with its Season 5 winner competing against the EuroDrag winners in the 2020 finale in Gothenburg.  

Season 6 contestants

          To be confirmed

     Stefani Love 

               Coco Puff