EuroDrag ( incorporating Drag                  Idol Sweden) Season 6 

Drag Idol is Sweden's biggest drag competition running for 6 years. Drag Idol is known for its diversity in contestants and the famous drag artists who have taken part in it. Miss Infinity is a very well-known Swedish singer, known for her song "Bad Girl" being in the Top 50 in Sweden.  After Superqueen, Admira ThunderPussy, Imaa Queen ( Winner of Season 5 ) is Sweden's most known  drag queen, known all over the country for her unique style. The competition is now merging with EuroDrag Contest, with its Season 5 winner competing against the EuroDrag winners in the 2020 finale in Gothenburg.  Catch Season 1 of EuroDrag at Jerntorget Brygghus in Gothenburg this 26th September from 21.00.  

Season 6 contestants Heat 1 - 26/9/19

Herman Winter

     Stefani Love 

               Coco Puff