Contestant 1 : Imaa Queen 


Imaa Queen is one of Sweden's most respected Drag Artists.  She has worked at Stockholm's leading Gay Venue The Secret Garden and was nominated for QX Drag Queen of the Year.  She has already won many accolades across the country and has high hopes of becoming the 5th Queen to win Drag Idol.

Contestant 2 : April 

Thursday 2nd May 

Coming all the way from bonnie Scotland, this queen isn’t here to play, after conquering Scotland, this William Wallace of drag is hungry for Blood and won’t leave without a taste of Swedish success. Now with her own highly successful show, she’s ready to compete in this international extravaganza and show the world that April Comes More than once a year!


Contestant 3 : Byra Tanks


Byra Tanks, mother of Drags, Queen of the Thunderdome, the fire breather, the Unburnt, wearer of the Mighty Beard, breaker of bras, Queen of the Wasteland

Byra Tanks is a queen that is new to the scene. A flaming new arrival from the larp Blodsband: Reloaded. A pyro-goddess not to be reckoned with.

Contestant 4 : Miss Infinity

Thursday 2nd May

Miss Infinity is our most experienced Drag Idol contestant having entered  in Season 1, 2 and 3  reaching the finals in all 3 contests. She has worked in clubs across the UK and is an amazing singer.  Will season 5 be her year?

Contestant 5 :Noah Fence

Thursday 2nd May

This leading man and first-time contestant is finally bringing his sassy self to compete in Drag Idol after an explosive, yet steady rise within the scene. Never underestimate a king - it takes some real balls to look this disgusting(ly good). Get ready, because this glamdaddy is ready to turn up the heat and hit you with the Wham! Glam! thank-you-ma'am that you're all truly gagging for.

Contestant 6 : Sefani Love 


Back for the second time in Drag Idol, Sefani Love returns with 2 more years of Drag experience.  Stefani wowed the audience in Season 3 and is super excited to be performing at Qonfetti.  All you baby queens get behind this dark horse!

Contestant 7 : Madame Adam

Thursday 2nd May 

Contestant 7 is our first Drag King in the contest.  An awkward flamboyant metrosexual male who enjoys creeping on people. Is often seen wierding out strangers and making them feel that their personal "bubble" has been popped

Contestant 8 : Alexa 


Our next contestant is travelling all the way from Manchester in England!  Alexa is our youngest queen at only 18 years of age but has the drive and the passion to go far in the competition.  Alexa says she is not traveling all the way across Europe to leave the contest early and she is in it to win it.  Good luck from the Scandinavian Jury! 

Contestant 9: Brad Clitt


After performing in San Francisco, winning the Mums Mums Pride Drag Race of 2015 and educating the KIT beauty viewers on how to “become a sexy biker” and “tone those abs”, Brad Clitt is swooping through Sweden and will now hit the Drag Idol stage. Expect to wet your undies (bring an extra pair) cause this is a dancing Ken doll and as you know - he´s here to please Barbie

Contestant 10: Freudia Ann Schlipp

Thursday 2nd May 

Remember that time at family dinner when you were supposed to ask your grandma to pass the potatoes but instead you said “FUCK MY ASS WITH A GLOW STICK AND CALL ME YODA!” That’s when you let her cum out. She is your deepest darkest sexual desires expressed at all the wrong times. Don’t be ashamed, let her slip, she’s your Freudia Ann Schlipp.

Contestant 11 : Richard Von Wild


Wild by name, Wild by nature. This Drag King has been taking the UK cabaret scene by storm and now ready to make his european debut. Richard has performed up and down the UK, playing some incredible locations such as the Women's stage at Pride London, being a finalist in Man Up drag king Competition and winning the crown of Season 2 Crystal Lubrikunts Lip Sync For Your Life. Richard has performed with the likes of RPDR stars such as Alyssa Edwards and Willam. To add icing to this already rather large cake; Richard is an avid cosplayer bringing his favourite characters to life on stage and at conventions. He's here, he's queer, with a great rear, it's Richard von Wild.

Contestant 12 : Elisa Eresia

Thursday 2nd May

Elisa Eresia is our non-binary queen. She defines herself, as a Lesbian, Dark, Punk and Sensitive drag queen and is coming out of the depths of The House of Eresos (Sappho’s cradle) full of mediterranean roots and energies, but now based in the arctic North of Sweden. As an educator she would incorporate ‘drag’ as a pedagogical component in all schools, and as a human being, she believes in the infinite power of love and care.

Contestant 13 : Shae G'Day


Shae G'Day is an Australian queen based in London. She has performed for four years, as far away as Reykjavik, New York City, Cannes and Edinburgh. This multilingual beauty is ready to take Drag Idol Down Under.

Contestant 14 : Regina Belltorium

Thursday 2nd May

One of the most memorable queen of season 4, with the score 10/10! Now she’s returning to season 5, and she can promise a great show that’s much better than last time. This time she’ll be more in control but still as wild. You’ll never know how it goes but you can be sure you’ll never forget it.

Contestant 15 : Juan de LaGrande


Meet Juan de LaGrande; a dancing whirlwind of a dude with great sensuality. His groovy moves and charm will make you want to open your blouse, loosen your tie and let go of your shyness. Let yourself go and succumb to he's charm. Can you handle big?