Apply direct at:

[email protected]

with a headshot, the city/date you want to be in and your drag name. 

( see available dates on the attached photograph )  



You will be asked to attend a local venue to perform 2 x 3 minutes performances. The venues are located in the cities mentioned on the image above ( Step 1 ). Your show can be absolutely anything as long as it is entertaining. We do not have a runway or any challenges. The results are based on talent not looks. One contestant will be chosen by the public through a voting system and one other contestant will be chosen by Linda Gold and the owner of the venue. The two chosen contestants will have to lip-sync to "Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga ( this is a shortened version, with only the first 3 minutes in it ). The public will take part in choosing the winner eg. whoever  gets the most applause at the end, but ultimately it's Linda Gold's decision who gets to win. Don't worry if you don't go through as you can re-enter over and over again. EuroDrag understands that not every 3 minute performances expresses the real you, so, you can enter as many times as you like. The only rule is that you do a different show every time.


If you win the heat at the local venue, you will go through to the local final. That could be months later as the EDC runs over several months. The final winner will represent the entire country! This huge task cannot be rushed.

At the local final you will again be given 2 x 3 minutes performances.

The winner will receive:

  •  Paid gigs at the venue
  • A PAID Position on the judging panel for next season


The local winner will be invited to compete for 'Queen' of her respective country. There is no cash or prize as such, other than 'The Crown' and Queen of your Country, although we will offer overnight accommodation, dinner and refreshments at the event. The ultimate prize here is that the winner of the country will be given the opportunity to compete in the EDC in 2020. If the winner cannot make it to the EDC contest in Sweden the runner up will be offered this opportunity. If the runner up cannot attend, Linda Gold will send a representative from one of the eliminated contestants. This means ANY Contestant, winner OR not, has a chance to enter the EDC in 2020.


The representatives of each respective country will come together to fly to Sweden to represent their country in the EDC. As before it's 3 x 2 minutes performances but this time the prizes at stake are as follows-

  • The Crown for the winner of The EuroDrag Contest 2020
  • 1000 EUROS Tax Free CASH
  • Over 1000 Euros of Paid hosting Events