Linda Gold Events

Linda Gold Events is the Drag Mother of all Linda's Babies including, Drag Idol Sweden, The EuroDrag Contest, Linda Gold (TM), The Swedish Invasion Tour and Golden Cabaret which is hosted in various venues across the U.K. Linda Gold Events currently arranges parties and events for more than 50 venues across Europe as well as 12 major Pride events including EuroPride, WestPride Gothenburg, Stockholm as well as Liverpool and Brighton in the U.K. We are always looking for more additions to our family.  Venues working with Linda Gold Events receive much more than just a drag show, we include NOT only the performances but all the marketing and promotional material to more than 100,000 fans and followers.  For more information contact Linda direct on FaceBook or the U.K offices 0044 7144766900.

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EuroDrag Contest

EuroDrag Contest is one of Europe's biggest drag competitions which is open to anybody who enjoys and loves drag.  

 The winners of EuroDrag Contest win the opportunity to represent their country in the finale taking place in 2020 in Oslo, Norway.

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EuroDrag TV

EuroDrag TV is a weekly YouTube Channel featuring RuPaul queens, EuroDrag contestants and iconic LGBTQ+ influencers across the world. 

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