Linda Gold Events

Linda Gold Events is the Drag Mother of all Linda's Babies including, Drag Idol Sweden, Drag Idol International, The Eurovision Drag Contest, Linda Gold (TM), The Swedish Invasion Tour, Dragz (London) Allstars, The Gold Special Offers Card and much much more.  Linda Gold Events currently arranges parties and events for more than 50 venues across Europe as well as 12 major Pride events including EuroPride, WestPride Gothenburg, Stockholm as well as Liverpool and Brighton in the UK. and is always looking for more additions to our family.  Venues working with Linda Gold Events receive much more than just a drag show, we include not only the performance but all marketing and promotional material to more than 100,000 fans and followers.  For more information contact Linda direct on FB or the UK offices 0044 7144766900.

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Drag Idol International 

Drag Idol International is Europe's  largest Drag competition open to anybody who enjoys and loves drag.  

More information can be found on our Drag International Page.  The winners of Drag idol International win the opportunity to represent their country in the Eurovision Drag Contest.

What is The Swedish Invasion?

The Swedish Invasion Tour is the Drag idol roadshow, touring countries outside Sweden.

Coverage is now across the entire UK ,

The event includes 3 hours of hosting mingling and entertaining from 3 of Drag Idols most established queens and all major competition winners. Linda Gold, host of Drag Idol Sweden and EuroPride 2018. Antonina Nutshell is the winner of Tumblr World Drag Race and Kendi Cane is the Winner of Drag Idol SWE Season 1 and All-Stars. Together we are ‘The Swedish Invasion’

The Swedish Invasion has so far invaded over 40 venues across the UK including,  GAY Heaven in London, The Marine in Brighton, VIA, Club Tropicana & Rubys in Manchester, Superstar, OMG and OUT! ShowBar in Liverpool, Planet, Habana  & GHQ In Edinburgh, AXM & Katie’s Bar in Glasgow, Glamorous in Birmingham, KAOS in Blackpool, The Edge in Southampton, Kremlin in Belfast , WOW in Cardiff as well as dozens of venues and Prides Across Europe Including Maspolomas In Gran Canaria, Sweden, Denmark and Spain.  Our show has a ‘Eurotrash’ style theme yet professional, funny and entertaining. It really is totally unique to the UK drag scene.

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