Swedish Invasion - Tour 6

This Brexit special is not to be missed bringing the worst and best of Britain and Europes divorce and introducing Alexa Whaa to the tour. Don't miss it <3

Swedish Invasion - February 2019

2019 saw the return of Lola Lidl and Infinity as well as the addition of one 1 not 2 but 3 new venues in Scotland !! Join the new Dragtastic show as we kick of at WOW in Cardiff, another first timer, do they know what they have let themselves in for???

The Swedish Invasion 4

Our Mini tour to wrap up the year including some of our favourite venues across the country and introducing our newest member of the family at The Edge in Southampton 

The Swedish Invasion 3 

Our biggest tour yet with 14 dates from 19th July 2018 until 6th August.  ON this tour we see the return of Bio Queen Lola Lidl, and are delighted to be sharing a stage at Brighton Pride with the Queen of Pop herself...Miss Britney Spears!

The Swedish Invasion Tour 2 

Tour 2 kicks off in the wonderful VIA, takes us up to Scotland then back down to England closing the tour in the fun city of Blackpool.  Dates are from Thursday 19th April to Monday 23rd April. 

The Swedish Invasion Tour 1 

This little bit of fun started the entire Crazy episode of going to the UK for a bit of fun into what has become one of the most popular events in the UK.  Now seen in over 20 venues in all 4 UK nations, England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.